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Thinning Out

An update.

Seven months ago, March 12, was the day I launched my blog. On that day, I also made a commitment to find an art teaching position in an international school by summer 2013. After signing with Search Associates, an educational recruiting firm, I began receiving daily lists of educational positions for the upcoming months. Although the list includes all subjects, from all countries, I am only interested in the art vacancies. However, I’m fairly open to what part of the world I want to live in. Since then, there have been 48 schools that have posted their need for an art teacher. This is really encouraging! I haven’t applied for all of those, because from March through September, the jobs were primarily for teaching positions THIS year, i.e. NOW. But over the last month it’s been changing. I’ve seen start dates for 1/2013, and many more are beginning to show up for a start date of 8/2013. As I understand it, the job openings will be plentiful between November and end of February. At this point, I have submitted my paperwork to twelve schools representing ten countries. It’s exciting!

The daily job posting list from Search Associates appears in my inbox each night at 10:00 pm. I’m so eager for it! I wait up for it, and tear open the lid to my laptop, just as if it were a sealed envelope in the “golden oldie days”. I can’t wait to see what schools are listed. Where will I be writing my blog from this time next year?

Last weekend I had my Phase 2 Garage Sale. My first one was in early June and I sold the majority of my sculpture tools and small, household goods in preparation for moving across the world next summer. This recent sale included, among many other things, clothes that I’m choosing not to keep. If I knew where I was going I could easily get rid of even more, but I don’t know yet, so I want to keep the very best of both warm and cold seasonal wear.  If I go to Thailand, I probably won’t need my UGG boots or heavy winter coat and if I go to Northern China, I might not need my bathing suit or my tank tops. As I was cleaning out my closet, I tried to keep in mind that wherever I go, I’ll more than likely rather wear clothes from that new place – not my Texas/USA clothes. I’m guessing that shoes, underwear and bras might be the only things that might be hard to find, or to fit in, “over there”.

It’s easier to tell you what I still have than what I’ve sold. I think I could fit everything I still own into my 12’ x 12’ bedroom if I had to. I still have my simple IKEA dining room table and two chairs, a coffee table and 2 mattresses and box springs, a couple of lamps and a couple of small end tables. I’m not sure what to do with my refrigerator and my washer and dryer…perhaps I can use them as negotiating tools when I sell my house. My living room furniture has sold to a colleague although she’s not in a hurry to get it, which is nice. When it’s gone, I’ll have my carpets cleaned right before I put my house on the market after the holidays.

In early spring, I’m planning on having one more sale. This sale will not be a garage sale. It will be an invitation-only sale that I will extend to friends and family and friends of friends. This sale will be an art sale. Original art that I’ve made, original art that I’ve purchased from others, art supplies, art exhibition catalogs and books, anything art, all priced to sell. I’m hoping that people will come and support me by purchasing a piece of art to help me along on my adventure.

Empty space is good. I like it. It is quiet and soothing. “Don’t FILL IT,” I tell myself daily.

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