Thank you for your interest. Here’s a list of posts on ArtTeachTravel, organized by month of publication.

March 2021


July 2020

20: Changing Roles (Art, Teach) Leaving India

March 2020


May 2019

25: Dressed in Green (Travel) Birdman of Chennai

March 2019


December 2018

28: Continued Transitions (Art, Teach, Travel) Transitioning to the East

August 2018

12: I’ve Arrived (Teach, Travel) Arriving in India

July 2018

21: The Invitation (Teach, Travel) USA Citizen

May 2018

26: Winding Down (Art, Teach) Experiencing a new environment

March 2018


February 2018

24: Preparations For India (Teach) Discovering The Season for Non-Violence

January 2018

28: Hello. It’s Been Awhile (Art, Teach, Travel) Grateful for my experiences

March 2017


December 2016

11: Playing The Game (Art, Teach) Finding new friends

November 2016

20: Things I Learned (Art, Teach, Travel) Reflecting on things I learned in Turkey.

October 2016

9: London It Is (Teach) International Job Fairs

September 2016

25: Bozo in the White House (Art, Teach) Internationally speaking: American politics

18: Yes. No. Maybe (Teach) Understanding, and using, the International Schools Review

11: Resume Redefined (Teach) Writing an international resume for teaching

04: Saddle Up (Teach) Required, and scanned, paperwork for international recruiting agencies

01: Baby Steps (Teach) Selecting an international recruiting agency

August 2016

28: Let’s Get This Party Started (Teach) The beginning steps of finding an international position

21: My New State of Mind, Part 2 (Travel) Hardships of repatriation

March 2016


September 2015

19: My New State of Mind (Teach, Travel) Back to the USA

May 2015

25: Two Short Years (Art, Travel) Saying goodbye

April 2015

16: Looking Forward (Teach) My decision

March 2015


November 2014

23: Let’s Make A Deal (Teach) Choices to make

October 2014

27: Time Flies (Art, Teach, Travel) Contract considerations

April 2014

15: The End in Sight (Art, Teach, Travel) A summary of late winter activities

March 2014


February 2014

25: Bullet Points (Art, Teach, Travel) A summary of early winter activities

December 2013

22: Wrapping up the Year (Art, Teach, Travel) A review of the year

01: Tour on a Rooftop (Art, Travel) Touring with Monica Fritz

November 2013

17: Zor Who? (Art, Travel) Adventure at the Zorlu Center

10: The Republic (Teach) All about Ataturk.

03: Head in the Clouds (Travel) Cappedocia, Turkey

October 2013

27: The Melting Pot (Teach) The United Nations

11: Anish is Bliss (Art) Anish Kapoor exhibition

September 2013

22: Shipwrecked (Art, Teach, Travel) Field trip

16: A Room With a View (Teach) My new PYP classroom

08: A River of Change (Travel) Exploring the Bosphorus

August 2013

25: Pioneer Teachers (Art, Teach, Travel) Arrival in Istanbul

11: Bye, Bye Miss American Pie (Art, Travel) A dream come true

July 2013

28: Around The Block (Travel) My time, well spent, in San Diego, CA

22: Job Notice (Teach) Available position

07: Color Field of Love (Art) Installing with Liza Lou

June 2013

30: Painting The City (Art, Travel) Murals around San Diego

19: Protests, Goodbyes and California Dreaming (Art, Travel) End of school; summer adventure begins

May 2013

19: Changing Spaces (Art, Travel) The generous gifts of friends

12: Update #2 (Art, Teach, Travel) Vagabonding with friends

April 2013

14: Update #1 (Art, Teach, Travel) Packed for Istanbul

07: On Top of the World (Art) Pausing to move

March 2013

31: Welcome To Texas (Art) Tex-Mex food

24: Nobody’s Business But The Turks (Art, Teach) Turkish timeline/history

17: ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF BLOG! Scraps of Paper and Peppers in a Jar (Art) Packing up memories

10: Beauty is Embarrassing (Art, Teach) 2013 NAEA Conference with Wayne White

03: Calving (the 2nd Definition) (Art, Teach, Travel) The results of a long journey

February 2013

24: The Net Will Appear (Art, Teach, Travel) Trusting to let go of everything

17: All. A-double-L All (Art, Teach, Travel) Being thankful in ALL things

10: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (Art, Teach, Travel) SA Recruitment Fair Weekend

03: One Down, One To Go (Art, Teach, Travel) UNI Recruitment Fair Weekend

January 2013

27: The Road To Nowhere – Or Somewhere? (Art, Teach, Travel) Anticipation for the UNI and SA Fairs

20: The Known Universe (Art, Teach, Travel) Wisdom From Dr. Seuss

13: Dominoes Falling in Bangkok (Teach) 2013 SA Bangkok Recruiting Fair

06: American Girl In A Box (Art, Teach, Travel) Selling My Art

December 2012

30: In Review (Art, Teach, Travel) Annual Review

23: Sweet Tooth (Art, Teach) – Giving to others

16: China Is Big (Art, Travel) – Learning about new places 

09: She Blinded Me With Science (Art, Teach) – Blending art and science 

02: Everything Is Incredible (Art, Teach) – Making treasures from trash

November 2012

25: A Travel Sketchbook (Art, Teach) – Documenting what you see

18: By Example (Art, Teach) – Do what you’re wired to do

11: Fly Away (Travel) – Dreaming of travel

04: Parent-Teacher Conference Time (Art, Teach) – Hosting parents and telling stories

October 2012

28: A Very Different Terrain (Art, Teach, Travel) – Two art forms come together

21: A History of Artwork and Friendships (Art, Teach) – The intertwining of art and friends

14: Thinning Out (Teach, Travel) – Update on teacher vacancies and selling my stuff

07: Art Movie Night (Art, Teach) – Do what your heart tells you

September 2012

30: Texas Big, Big Tex (Art, Teach, Travel) – State Fair of Texas

23: Caine’s Arcade and the Global Cardboard Challenge (Art, Teach) – How to play

16: Climbing the Ladder of Success (Art, Travel) – Conquering the fear of success

09: Transitions, or Leaping From the Lion’s Head (Art, Travel) – Taking a leap of faith

02: Teachers Have All The Luck Part 2 (Teach, Travel) – Travel opportunities for teachers

August 2012

26: Destiny’s Child (Art, Teach) – The power of positive words

19: It’s All Good (Art) – Stories of blogging

12: En Plein Air in the Plain Air (Art) – Plein air painting

05: People Are Gifts (Art) – Relationships

July 2012

29: Teachers Have All the Luck  Part 1 (Teach, Travel) – Travel opportunities for teachers

22: Don’t Stop Believing (Art) – Observing a death

15: 3 Short Stories on Giving (Art) – Amazing people doing amazing things

08: Proud To Be A Non-Conformist (Art, Travel) – My experience at WDS2012

01: Home of the Brave (Art) Being brave

June 2012

 24: Polyglot. Polyglot. Polyglot. (Teach, Travel) – Language programs

 17: Friends, Cats, Poets and Artists (Art) – Trying something new

10: Chasing the Bone (Art, Travel) – Do what you’re wired to do

03: I Like A Firm Bed . . . (Travel) – Inexpensive accommodations

May 2012

27: School’s Out For The Summer (Art, Teach) – End of school year

20: A Global Commodity (Art) – Contemporary art

13: Same As It Ever Was (Part 3 of 3) (Art, Teach, Travel) – SA, Search Associates

06: 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (Part 2 of 3) (Art, Teach, Travel) – ISS

April 2012

29: Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (Part 1 of 3) (Teach, Travel) – UNI

22: What I Know To Be True (Art, Travel) – Travel changes lives

15: Art, Yoga and Cleaning Out My House (Art) – Simplifying your life

08: Memories as Catalyst  (Teach) – Inspired by memories

01: Getting The Job Done (Art) – Being persistent

March 2012

25: Lucky Lady (Travel) – A free trip

22: Traveling with Two Men (Travel) – Travel inspiration

21: Teaching on the Planet (Travel) – International teaching

18: Embrace It, Change It, Improve It, Make Your Mark Upon It (Art) – Being unique

12: A Doll Collection and a Phone Call (Art, Teach Travel) – Events that change lives

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