Changing Spaces

SleepingGnomeGifts of friends.

This was my last week at “temporary housing #1” and my friends and I spent our time laughing, commiserating about the last days of school, dining out and drinking watermelon margaritas. We also watched a movie called, Bernie, which is based on a fact-is-stranger-than-fiction true story of love and murder. We both chimed in when Jack Black sang old Baptist hymns, familiar to both of us from our childhood years spent in east Texas and southern Missouri. All through the film I was reminded of my Missouri heritage and what it was like to grow up in the country.

A few days after watching the movie, my friend came to me and said she had a gift to offer. I’d barely lifted my head from my computer when she flipped open her worn copy of an old Baptist Hymnal and started singing Love Lifted Me:

Laughing, I immediately joined in. Then we took turns looking in the Index and singing the first verses of hymns such as, Just As I Am and The Old Rugged Cross. It’s been a wonderful gift to live with these dear friends and I will always be grateful for the time we’ve spent together.

Over the weekend, I touched down, for two nights, at another friend’s home. This lovely home will be my “home base” until I move to Turkey. However, until school officially ends in three weeks, I will primarily live with yet another friend and her family. This friend, also an artist, has a home alive with color and textures! It is only because of the generous gifts of my friends that I am able to take the steps necessary to achieve my dreams.

My former next-door neighbors, who I miss very much, emailed me this fabulous short film from the Viking Cruise website. Every time I watch it I get goose bumps. Please watch it! This is the Istanbul I remember from my summer visit in 2011! This is where I’m going to live in a few short months!!

This week I want to give you the gift of encouragement.  Don’t be afraid to dream a dream and begin walking toward that dream. It can be anything! You can be anything and do anything. Everything is possible! Make one choice today that will get you headed in the right direction. Give yourself this gift.

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6 thoughts on “Changing Spaces

  1. Suzanne says:

    Thinking of you, Anita, and following closely the events in Istanbul. I’m sure it will all settle down and the rest of the city is carrying on quietly. Hope you are well.

    • Dear Suzanne! Good to hear from you!! Yes, of course, I’m following the protests in IST very carefully. At this point, I’m well connected with staff at my new school and friends of friends who live there. You are so right; everyone says not to be afraid; it is only an exercise of democracy. Sooo, I’m not fearful, only interested and wishing I was there to document, and be inspired by, all that is happening right now. I think some great artwork could come out of that! Catch me up on YOU!!!

      • Suzanne says:

        Hi Anita, I’m just busy getting all my documents attested, hosting out-of-town company while I am also housesitting for a friend (!), doing more rounds of culling, sewing, and some of those projects I’ve not had time for since Xmas break. LOL I am getting excited and a little nervous, but I welcome all of it. Hearing some scary stories about how bad the behavior is of the rich, entitled local students and how weak discipline enforcement is at my new school, but trying not to project trouble into tomorrow. Plus I am reading up on positive motivation for troubled/apathetic kids. It will be one day at a time and my attitude will make all the difference in my own happiness, so I pray God will help me always stay positive! It’s not like we don’t have those issues right here in our US schools, eh?

        Next up is practicing my packing yet again to see what can go to UAE with me and what must go to storage or Goodwill.

        Happy summer! Isn’t it glorious?! 🙂

      • I’ve officially been out of school for two days and those days have been spent with doctors, friends and family, and – of course – more packing/organizing. Will it ever be over??!! I’m so sick of managing all my stuff. I leave for Turkey on August 11. When do you leave for UAE?

  2. Tiffanie Mutlu says:

    I haven’t seen the whirling dervishes yet!! I must do that? Did you pick up that she said head to Ortakoy for the potato? Also did you see the Ortakoy mosque right by the bridge lit up at night?!! So great!!!

    Sent from my iPhone

    • No way! I totally want to go watch the dervishes whirl. YES I heard her say Ortakoy and YES I saw the Ortakoy mosque! So beautiful. I want it to hurry and get here! 🙂 But first California!

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