Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

NemoIn, looking out.

Nor’easter storms get their name based on the direction the wind is coming from. These storms can cause heavy rains and brutal winds, but also blizzard conditions if the storm occurs during the winter. This type of storm has characteristics similar to a hurricane and thrives on converging air masses from the polar cold regions and warmer oceanic air over the Gulf Stream.

This is not unlike the conditions inside the Hyatt Regency Cambridge where the SA/Cambridge Fair took place this weekend. While the wintery storm, Nemo, raged outside, dropping between two and three feet of snow, the inside conditions were equally as concerning. Hopes and dreams converged with the realities of needing work and candidates were blown along down long, hotel corridors, in and out of hotel rooms, sitting areas and ballrooms. Expressions on candidate’s faces ranged from warm smiles to cold, dark stares and damp spirits.

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” — Will Rogers

The snow started falling at about 10:00 am on Saturday. Search Associates interrupted the Round Robin sign-up session by a loud speaker announcement, asking candidates and recruiters to assign early interview times to those people who would have to leave the building by 3:00 pm, because of the storm. By noon, the Hyatt staff, once again over loud speakers, told that their shuttle service, to and from other area hotels where candidates were staying, would be not operating past 3:00 pm. In that announcement, the Hyatt guests were also told of emergency procedures in place. Many candidates who were staying at other hotels, or who were commuting back and forth, were forced to leave the Hyatt. And the storm’s winds began to swirl.

Inside, the conference areas of the Hyatt became noticeably less crowded. On the one hand, many members of the competition were now gone. On the other hand, recruiters were perhaps compelled to stay in a holding pattern on decision-making because many of their candidates were gone and not able to be interviewed. Nerves of both recruiters and candidates seemed to be anxiety ridden, more than usual. At more than one interview, the recruiter mentioned that he might not be able to leave Boston to get to the next (and last) United States recruitment fairs early this week. In many cases, I got the feeling that the recruiters were eager to move on to the California Fairs (ISS and SA), and only after meeting those candidates would they be able to make a decision on who to offer contracts.

This was not the case for my lovely roommate from Steamboat Springs. She is a science teacher with sought after degrees and experiences. She has decisions to make with at least three serious offers. For me, the search will likely continue for a few more months. Again, I am reminding myself that I tracked 52 art openings last year after the Fairs had ended. I’m not ready to give up yet. I’m not leaving Boston with a contract, but I’m leaving with many more friends. Stay calm and carry on . . .

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15 thoughts on “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

  1. […] In February of 2013, I attended the Search Associates Cambridge Job Fair for international teachers and administrators. It was a stressful and depressing weekend, further intensified by a “nor’easter” hitting the Boston area. I wrote about it in an article called Good Things Come To Those Who Wait.  […]

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  4. You have the combination of another great “perfect storm” – patience, perseverance, professional skills, and personality. In due time, you will be rewarded with an awesome job.

  5. Suzanne says:

    It was such a joy to meet with you in person in Cambridge, especially since we never know when we will be in the same city at the same time, if ever. Thanks for making a little time for coffee. I am with you in the fight as you wait with bated breath for The Plan to unfold for you. Call or email me any time! ❤ Suzanne

    • Suzanne, I loved meeting you. Thank you for the extra effort you made in getting to the Hyatt. Yes, we have to stick together. One never knows when we might end up together, in the same school, on the planet. Thank you for your well wishes and your support as I continue the great search! Another Skype interview this week! 🙂

  6. Kelly says:

    “The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground.” ~Author Unknown

    Hang in there my friend! The right offer is coming, I just know it!

  7. Sherry Houpt says:

    Hang in there, Anita! Good things will come your way.

  8. Lena Hobbs says:

    We are patiently waiting with open arms for your return. I can only imagine how quickly you will bypass schools with a cold climate. With the weather news casts we were hearing , I would not have been surprised at a complete cancellation and feel sure the financial considerations are what prevented this happening. We know you are disappointed, but also know these experiences will result in a learning experience. With your belief system and focus, a way will be opened. Love, Mom

    • I am strong and I am encouraged. I will not be encouraged by a pity party 🙂 My plans are still the same, I just don’t know the outcome yet of this faith walk. I’m getting closer to knowing though. 🙂 And the march continues . . .

  9. Jenny walker says:

    The perfect fit is waiting…..:) jw

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