Embrace it, change it, improve it, make your mark upon it

You are a gemstone of enormous value.

Every person is uniquely created and has something valuable to offer the world.  Each of us are created as God’s masterpiece and are a valuable gift to the world. You can change the world through your honesty, your talents and gifts. The world is patiently waiting for what only you can offer it and your presence is mandatory on the planet for it to function properly.

Often we dwell on the negative and we wrongly believe that we have nothing to offer and have little talent. Heave yourself up out of the tar pit and get excited! No one is you and YOU are precisely what the world needs now! I want to inspire you to live courageously. Your personal experiences are precisely what others need to know about. This, in turn, will help others make wise decisions. The gift of your openness and your opinions will help the world move from point A to point B. You matter!! Everything you’ve been through has purpose when shared with others.

I’ve always used art making as a springboard for researching topics I’m interested in; sometimes topics that I’m uncomfortable with. At one time, I did a series of artwork about spiritual wrestling and whether or not God heard my prayers. Making sculpture was my way of working through, and communicating about, this difficult subject. Another time, I used art to gain a better understanding about a sickness I had. Not only did I research the human body, but also gained specific knowledge about the vocabulary associated with this disease. When people saw the artwork, conversation was created and I was able to broaden their understanding of these topics. Every time, I felt that I influenced, in some way, the person I was talking with. We all have this ability and we all have personal experiences that can change the world. We can make art about it, write about it, sing about it or just talk about it.

Don’t be fearful of others who don’t share common experiences with you. Instead, become curious. Ask questions and also, receive questions. Be respectful and honest. Share experiences with one another. Each of you, by sharing openly, can broaden views of understanding and heal the world.

In closing, I want to share an excerpt of an inspirational interview with Steve Jobs that was made in 1990 for a PBS special called, Secrets of Life. Mr. Jobs has always been an inspiration to me and in this video, he captures perfectly in words, the impact each of us can have on the planet.

Enjoy, and tell me how you’ve courageously impacted the world by being YOU. I look forward to your comments.

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